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After your payment is confirmed, you can see our Korean address on My order (click Order no.)

The 3 USD fee which you paid will be saved as your deposit and can be used to pay for the service fee later.

After your package was shipped to our Korean address, please fill in this form.


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Note about Korean address usage:
1. Your name = recipient name you will fill/ filled on our order form
2. If you bought items with poster tube, such as album, please tell seller to put the tube inside delivery box (not outside/ on the box): 지관통은 박스안에 놓어주세요, 박스상자위에 말고
3. For items bought from individual seller, please tell seller to not ship them together (not in 1 box/ tracking no.) with other buyers’ order if there are other buyer using same address. Because sometimes seller combine-ship orders with same address, thus creating confusion (we might ship it all to a person who gave us the tracking no. first)
4. These address are only for overseas shipping.
5. These phone no. should only be used as shipping details and SHOULD NOT be used to register account on online shop

6. Please always pay shipping fee of your package before sending it to our Korean warehouse. Don’t ship package to our Korean address by COD (cash on delivery/ 착불). Or else, we will reject the package and return it to sender/ seller. So, please always ask the seller price including shipping cost. 

7. Please don’t ship document/ letter (in envelop) using 등기 & 준등기.