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Service fee

See on Products & Services page.

Paypal fee

  • Personal payment/ send money to family & friend (to be calculated & added automatically by paypal): USD 4,99 + 3,4% + USD 0,3
  • Payment for goods & services with buyer’s protection: 4,61% + USD 0,32

Korea domestic shipping fee

This is shipping cost to Korean address, and is charged by seller. You should pay for the shipping fee first. Don’t ship package by COD (cash on delivery) to our Korean address.

  • For online shop with website/ e-commerce: 2.500 – 3.000 won
  • For individual seller, such as fansite:
    • For document (such as photocard & postcard sent in envelope) : 1.000 – 2.500 won
    • For parcel (small & light): 3.000 won – 4.000 won
    • For big/ heavy parcel/ parcel shipped from mountanious area: more than 4.000 won

Packing fee per international shipment

  • charged when parcel needs repacking or invoice needs to be printed.
    • 5.000 won for 5 kg or less
    • 10.000 won if parcel weighs more than 5 kg & up to 10 kg
    • 15.000 won if parcel weighs more than 10 kg & up to 15 kg
    • 20.000 won if parcel weighs more than 15 kg

Additional fee

Starting from Monday, January 15, 2018

1. Package content photo (items’ photo)/ checking package contents/ quantity / weight*:
2000 won / package (tracking no. of domestic Korea shipment/ incoming shipment).

This means customers who do not provide tracking no. but want to know the contents of the package will be charged this fee. If you want to know the contents of the package but do not know the tracking no and do not want to be charged this then please fill in our order form before ordering and give the address of warehouse korea to seller with format: address (배송번호 order no – package no. in order on form)


2. Box removal: 1000 won/ package (tracking no. of Korea domestic shipment/ incoming shipment).

When combining multiple packages into 1 big box, sometimes the big box does not fit for all packets because of box of each packages so the boxes must be removed. By default, warehouse staff will remove unnecessary boxes, except for shoes box. So if you don’t want them to remove the boxes, you must state so on form note. But as a result, if they don’t fit in 1 big box, then warehouse staff will pack them into 2 or more boxes.


3. Splitting package: 2000 won/ package (number of packages after being splitted).

The above fees also apply for shopping services.

Charges are incurred because we spend a lot of time to do these additional requests and our warehouse partner can not fulfill the request for free anymore. Other request not mentioned here might be charged a fee and we might set the fee in the future.

4. Invoice removal : 1000 won/ package (tracking no. of Korea domestic shipment/ incoming shipment).

5. Price tag removal : 500 won/ item 

If you want to use this service, we will remove all tags on 1 package (we won’t do it for selected items in 1 package). So if there are 3 items in 1 package, fee for price tag removal is 1500 won.

6. Removing battery : 1000 won/ item 

7. Re-issuing AWB : 1000 won/ AWB

8. Cancelling AWB : 1000 won/ AWB

9. Storage extension : 1000 won/ package/ day

Maximum storage period for incoming shipment is 2 weeks. After 2 week, you will be charged with storage extension fee 1000 won/ package/ day. If you don’t want to get charged, please request packing before deadline.

Maximum storage period for repacked package(s) is 1 day. You must pay remaining payment (shipping cost and other fee) 1 day after receiving bill. If you pay more than 1 day after receiving bill, then you will be charged with storage extension fee 1000 won/ repacked package/ day. Package will be shipped 1 working day after payment received.