Terms & Conditions


(New regulations, since December 20, 2017)

I. Products that we do not sell, and can not be bought / received

  • Counterfeit goods
  • Music-related products, such as CDs & DVDs that contain music, and concert / fanmeeting / musical stickers
  • Photo of female artist
  • Products worn (such as clothing) containing artist photos
  • Products related to religion other than Islam, such as products related to christmas.
  • An image that resembles animate creature (which is like the original, not a cartoon version)
  • Statue
  • Perfume
  • Cigarettes
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Other haram products (such as haram cosmetic & haram food)
  • Weapons
  • Illegal product or inappropriate product

II. Items that can not be shipped abroad by air

  • Fluid
  • Perfume, spray, aerosol

III. Products that can ONLY be shipped overseas using DHL & UPS

  • Battery. Electronic products containing batteries may be sent using other shipping methods (other than DHL & UPS) if the battery is removed.

IV. Items that can not be shipped overseas (including to Indonesia)

  • Jewelry (which contains gold, diamonds, and the like)

V. Products we sell and can buy:

  • HALAL cosmetics & foods
  • Kpop Official Merchandise
  • Rare Kpop Artist Photocard (photocards only for fans who attend public broadcast via fanclub / 공개 방송 포토 카드 / 공방 포카 aka limited fanmeeting photocards)
  • Original Signed Albums (not for sale signed albums / 비매 싸인 앨범), no CDs
  • Fansite Goods
  • Dolls and doll clothes
  • Korean Idol Official Fanclub Membership Kit
  • Electronic equipment / gadgets
  • Clothing, bags, shoes, accessories (watches, glasses, necklaces, etc.)
  • Other products not mentioned in point I

VI. REQUIREMENT for money receiving services (NEW RULES, started from 20 Nov 2017):

Only to receive refund of money we sent and customer must provide evidence of previous transactions (can be done by mentioning order number). If not, then we will refund the money to sender, and we will not forward it to service user account.


If we already purchased the products, or proceeded your order, or shipped your order, then no cancel, no refund, and no return. We can only return and refund if seller sent defects products or wrong items/ quantity, and if seller accepted return and refund. We will refund ONLY after receiving refund from seller. If seller didn’t refund then no refund.


  1. Refunds to Indonesia bank accounts other than BCA, BNI & BNI Syariah banks are deducted by bank transfer fees (Rp 6,500). Refund to paypal are deducted by paypal fee (USD 0.3).

  2. If shopping uses our shopping services but the product is sold out when we will buy (we have not tried buying) then the money will be refunded entirely less the interbank transfer fee.

  3. If shopping uses our shopping services but it turns out we were not able to get the customer’s order product even though we tried (eg because the product is limited / difficult to get / production canceled) or for those who previously used our transfer service but the money was returned to our account, which will be refunded minus the minimum service fees, inter-bank transfer fees, and inter-bank transfer fees. Terms for refund for transfer service user: must show proof of previous transaction (proof of transfer to Korean seller & rek rek rek rek) and notify no. her order.

  4. For those who use our shopping service (not transfer / send money), we will help contact the seller to request refund.

  5. Late booking / payment because buyer order mepet deadline is not our responsibility, so if buyer want refund, refund which we give will deducted minimum service cost.

  6. Refund will only be given after we receive refund from the seller / supplier.



  1. Orders other than urgent transfer services and urgent shopping services will be processed within 1 day (today or next business day) after you confirm payment, unless you request your order to be processed on a certain day. But if you pay, submit order form, and confirm payment before 3 pm WIB weekday / 12 noon WIB weekend, then we will try to process your order on the same day (usually night, before 10) if possible subject to limit transfer or our balance is enough). If through the deadline then the order will be processed on the next business day.
  2. Transfer service orders are processed daily.
  3. Shopping service orders are processed Monday-Friday.
  4. Shipping (domestic Korean, international, domestic Indonesia): Monday – Friday, except Air Cargo.
    • Air Cargo shipping package from Korea: Tuesday & Thursday.
    • Delivery in / from Korea holiday on Saturdays, Sundays, and red dates / Korean national holidays. Toward the end of Chuseok ( Korea thanksgiving day), Seollal ( Korea lunar new year day ), christmas, and new year of delivery slower, production and product shipments have been delayed, and some holiday shops are long.
    • Delivery in / from Indonesia on Saturdays, Sundays, and Red / Indonesian holiday offices.
  5. Warehouse (warehouse) Korea
    • Open: Monday – Friday, 7am – 3pm.
    • Close: Saturday, Sunday, Korean red / national holiday
  6. During chuseok ( Korea thanksgiving day ), Seollal ( Korea lunar new year day ), christmas, and new year, internet banking of our Korean bank account is not working so the bank transfer service to Korean bank is on holiday in those days.
  7. HOLIDAY: Idul Fitri & Eid al-Adha.


If after 25 days of buyer storage do not give news, then we assume buyer will not take the package, so we are free to do anything to package (throw / sell / give it to others).


We are not responsible for any loss caused by:

  1. Storage for a long time (more than 1 month).

  2. Delivery of packets to our address without tracking number / absence of info on packet tracking number. For users

    • Delivery service

    • Ordinary shopping services whose products are purchased from individual sellers (not from e-commerce / online web shops), such as fansite

    MUST include a tracking number on the form (especially for packets sent to address 1). Because at address 1 there are very many packages, so it is difficult to find your package if you do not know the tracking numbernya. The tracking number can be entered later (form entry can be edited).

  3. Missing when shipping by logistics.

    • For TIKI & EMS packages: Please complain directly to the logistics party. All parcels receive basic insurance from logistics even if they do not pay insurance fees, so losses should be replaced by logistics in accordance with the price statement of goods, with maximum replacement of basic insurance coverage.

    • For EMS shared package: We will try to complain and request compensation to the EMS. However, since the basic EMS insurance is only for about 60 USD (just compensate for the amount), the total package price including EMS ongkir is usually over 60 USD, so even if the EMS provides a compensation fee, it will not be enough and not worth the price of the package . Therefore, if we fail to get the EMS compensation then we will only refund the service fee paid by the buyer (deducted by bank transfer fee of korea bank and Indonesian bank). If we receive a compensation fee from EMS, the compensation fee that we can provide is the cost of services already paid by the customer and the compensation we receive from the EMS minus the EMS expenses we have paid and then distributed to all customers, then all deducted by the cost interbank transfer.


  1. Problems arising from the seller such as fraud, goods error / lack of goods sent, the seller does not provide tracking number, and so NOT our responsibility. We only act as brokers buying and selling between sellers and buyers, as well as recipients and shippers of packages from Korea or Indonesia. However, we will try to solve the existing problems.

  2. We reserve the right to report and provide data of the seller / receiver of money to the police if there is any indication of fraud.

  3. We will not check the accuracy of the contents of the package, and will only check the contents of the package to ensure that the package does not contain any illicit or dangerous products. We are unable to provide photos or video recordings for arriving packages.

  4. For non-e-commerce shopping services, such as from the seller on twitter / fansite / fanartist, where they do not know the status of the order and do not provide tracking number via email, we will only notify the status if the product we have paid & , the product arrives at our Korean address / Indonesian address, and the product has been shipped to the buyer’s address. Buyer MUST

    • Check the order status regularly on twitter account / website / blog seller because it could happen things that are not desirable, such as the production canceled so that the buyer must fill the data for refund, or the goods have been sent but not yet our address.

    • Request a tracking number to the seller. To request tracking number usually required data buyer (name, no hp, address). If the buyer orders through the latest order form, then the buyer can view the data on the form entry and confirmation email. If buyer orders through old order form, please contact us to get the data. Or buyer may let us know if the package has been sent and ask us to ask the seller a tracking number.

  5. After the goods are shipped to the buyer, then the item is no longer our responsibility. Buyer is expected to check delivery status based on no. resi / tracking no. that we provide. If there are any constraints, please ask your local postal service (for packets sent directly from Korea) or TIKI (for shared EMS packages / shipped from our Indonesian address).

  6. Packages confiscated / returned to the country of origin by customs because they contain prohibited products are not our responsibility as we have provided information & warnings about products that may not be imported by individuals.

  7. We are not responsible for any fraudulent / fraud attempts by sellers / recipients of money and are entitled to report and provide data of the seller / beneficiary of money / service users to the police in case of fraud indication.

  8. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

  9. Order = Patience. If not impatient, do not order ^ _ ^ Because PO products (such as official fanclub and unofficial goods by fansite / doll maker) and shared EMS take a long time because of long PO duration, old production, and long processing due to fanite busyness, wait EMS shared package can reach 1 month, international shipping including process in customs duty takes a long time (2-6 weeks).