Before filling in our order form or shipping package to our Korean address, please make sure that the products you are going to buy/ ship to our warehouse is the products we can accept. Check terms & conditions of products on Terms and Conditions page.


Items that we are selling can be purchased by adding them to cart > checkout > pay.

You can also buy items that we don’t sell by using our shopping service.

Guide on how to use our service is as below.



1. Fill out & submit the order form

2. Pay

Check the total service fee & price on the order form by entering the KRW price. The price calculated on the form does not include international cost + tax. 

  • For transfer services, you can pay immediately.
  • For shopping services, we will check your order / package first (checking product’s availability and if products category is qualified), and we will inform you whether your order / package is approved or not by email. If your order has been approved and you have not made a payment, please make payment immediately (as per the total Grand Total calculated on the form).

Because the exchange rate changes daily, please send payment on the same day as the submitted date or bill date.

3. Payment confirmation

Edit the payment confirmation table on the order form by editing the form entry:

  • Click the link to edit the entry or click “edit shared entry” that is in the confirmation email.
  • Fill in the payment confirmation table.
  • In the “editing reason” field, select “payment sent”.
  • Click submit.

For orders with seller / store currency other than KRW & USD, please contact us directly.


  • To get the Korean warehouse address, click here.
  • After the package is shipped, fill out the form: check “storage and shipping service”, enter the package data, submit the form.

If the package has arrived, we will notify the customer via email (usually within 1-2 days after arrival). If it’s been more than 1 week since your package was sent, before asking if we received the package yet, please check your package for tracking no. and make sure that the status of your package has arrived.


Please give us a review on our twitter / instagram / tokopedia after your item is received ^ _ ^. To provide reviews via twitter & instagram, please mention our account @ 1004_k_shop & add hashtag # 1004reviews. If you want to provide suggestions and criticism, please contact us via DM twitter / email / LINE.