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Closing warehouse address 3 and warehouse address format change

Starting from April 2019, warehouse Korea address 3 can only send packages using the EMS shipping method and there is an additional fee if the package is stored for more than 1 month. Therefore, we decided not to use warehouse 3 addresses anymore and now the warehouse we use is only warehouse address 2 (in Daejeon).

Sometimes the name of the recipient of the package we receive is censored by the courier and sometimes the recipient’s name listed on the back of the address is deleted / not listed by the seller. Therefore, to facilitate identification of packages, we decided to add customer ID after the Korean warehouse address. The Korean warehouse address is still the same, the change is only in its format.
Previous address format : …. address … recipient’s name/ your name
New format : …. address …. 개인 사서함 K****

Note: K **** is the customer ID (can be seen on my account page. If you don’t have an account on our website, please register / create an account first)

However, the customer is still encouraged to enter the package data (package tracking number, etc.) to  storage & shipping services form, because sometimes the seller incorrectly lists the name / address, name and address censored by the courier, or receipt paper arrives in a damaged condition so we cannot identify the package owner.

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Shopping from is now safer using bunjang escrow account

Shopping from bunjang is now safer because Bunjang provide escrow account now (with money-back guarantee), in which buyer send money to bunjang bank account, and then bunjang will send money to seller after buyer confirm that they received their ordered items, so if we didn’t receive the item, we can complain to bunjang and get our money back. Bunjang escrow account fee (500 won) is already included in our shopping service fee, but it’s non-refundable. Shopper is recommended to use the escrow account, but not all seller want to use the escrow account, because they will get the money later than direct payment to their bank account and some may not know this escrow account’s existence or how it works.

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Additional fee for custom request

Starting from Monday, January 15, 2018

Storage & shipping service fee USD 3/ package: only for storing (maximum of 3 weeks) and sending package. Additional requests will incur additional charges. Charge is as stated below.

1. Package content photo (items’ photo)/ checking package contents/ quantity / weight*:
2000 won / package (tracking no. of domestic Korea shipment/ incoming shipment).

This means customers who do not provide tracking no. but want to know the contents of the package will be charged this fee. If you want to know the contents of the package but do not know the tracking no and do not want to be charged this then please fill in our order form before ordering and give the address of warehouse korea to seller with format: address (배송번호 order no – package no. in order on form)


Order no. 20180110-44-1.038

Package with unknown tracking no. is the 2nd package

Address: korea warehouse address (배송번호 44-1038-2)

>> This format only applies to address 2.
For address 1, customer MUST provide tracking no.

* fee for checking package weight is for checking package weight which is not final / which is not ready to be shipped yet. Meanwhile, weight of the final package (ready to be shipped) will be informed along with shipping cost for FREE.

2. Opening package/ removing box: 1000 won/ package (tracking no. of Korea domestic shipment/ incoming shipment).

When combining multiple packages into 1 big box, sometimes the big box does not fit for all packets because of box of each packages so the boxes must be removed. By default, warehouse staff will remove unnecessary boxes, except for shoes box. So if you don’t want them to remove the boxes, you must state so on form note. But as a result, if they don’t fit in 1 big box, then warehouse staff will pack them into 2 or more boxes.

3. Splitting package: 2000 won/ package (number of packages after being splitted).

The above fees also apply for shopping services.

Charges are incurred because we spend a lot of time to do these additional requests and our warehouse partner can not fulfill the request for free anymore. Other request not mentioned here might be charged a fee and we might set the fee in the future.


Possible future additional charge:

  • Shipping to domestic Korea address/ returning package to seller (this is not shipping cost): maybe 5000 won  (still in discussion)